ICBD Holdings

Behavioral Health

At the forefront of behavioral healthcare innovation, ICBD Holdings champions entrepreneurial ingenuity, service, and action. More than just a holding company, ICBD is a collective of pioneering enterprises, each dedicated to reshaping the landscape of behavioral healthcare. With an unwavering commitment to better outcomes for patients, we’re tearing down barriers to care and opening doors to new possibilities.

Portfolio Highlights

Autism Care

We’ve revolutionized access to ABA therapy and autism diagnosis by removing waiting-list barriers and investing in the future—because timely care is critical care.

Substance Use Disorder

Through our long-respected array of addiction treatment providers, we bring hope and healing to those battling addiction with an enduring commitment to recovery.

Medical Billing

Our foundational medical billing enterprise leads with innovation and proprietary processes, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness for providers and patients alike.

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